Why I Chose Flint Hill: Upper School Students Speak

We asked Upper School students why they chose Flint Hill. As usual, our community stands out!

We talked to eight students, and they had various answers along with a little bit of advice for incoming Huskies.


"I decided to come to Flint Hill because of the community,.I thought during my visit that the school was really like family, giving me a family vibe. And I also really liked how the teachers really cared about the student's education and wanted them to be successful."

"I think the community, when I visited, the community was just so genuine and everyone was just so nice. The faculty, the students, it seemed like everyone was here to support each other. And I think that's really important. So, yeah, I chose Flint Hill because of how amazing the community is here."

"When I shadowed here, everyone was asking me my name and they all wanted to get to know me. And so I felt like I was actually wanted here. Don't be afraid to talk to people because I haven't met anyone here that doesn't want to make a new friend."

"We have a really interesting fine arts program here. We have everything from ceramics to photography, and I personally really love music. I've been playing string instrument for like ten years, so I thought it's a really good program and this is really a school that fits me."

"Because I'm the kind of person, I don't just I don't just play basketball. I don't just sing in choir. I want to be able to get involved in many different things. I think Flint Hill's push for students to be well-rounded and be involved in many different activities is one of the main reasons why I chose Flint Hill."

"My mom and I liked how much diversity there was within the community, and it's a good college preparatory school. So we thought that would help with the future in college and everything."

"It's very, like community — like the bonfire we have,  the homecoming, the pep rallies — everyone goes to it and it's like all the parents are friends, all the children are friends. It's a very tight and inclusive and welcoming community."

"Flint Hill's community makes everyone feel comfortable and able to express their views and decide how they want to make change in the community and how they want to make change outside of the community, once they leave here, and how much change they can make."